Welcome to the homepage for the Intergroup Communication Interest Group


We are looking forward to seeing everyone at this year's ICA Conference in Seattle, WA, at the end of May. See the 2014 Intergroup Program for a list of presentations and events at the conference.

Chair Howie Giles has also prepared a report on the status of the Interest Group, which provides information about the group over the last year.












The Intergroup Communication Interest Group would also like to introduce its two candidates for the Early Career Representative Position, Chad Wertley and Marko Dragojevic. Below are CVs and brief statements from each.

Chad Wertley - CV

I am graduating in May, 2014 with my PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This is my first ICA, and I am honored to be presenting on the Top Papers in Intergroup Communication panel. My research focuses on the relationship between identity and communication, and the role of media in influencing our perceptions of the self and other. My dissertation explores these themes by examining the potential of the internet to facilitate positive intergroup contact and reduce prejudice. As a graduate who just defended my dissertation, I believe I am uniquely situated to be the early-career scholar representative. I can relate to the issues of graduate students striving to develop their scholarly identity, in addition to experiencing the concerns of fellow non-tenured scholars. I understand the difficulty and importance of meeting other intergroup scholars as an early-career scholar. As such, I would like to foster a space where graduate students and non-tenured scholars interested in the intergroup perspective can meet both other graduate students and established scholars in order to share ideas and feel connected to our community. By doing this, we can continue growing the reach of the intergroup perspective.

Marko Dragojevic - CV

I am a doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Department of Communication at UCSB, currently completing my dissertation. Broadly, I am interested in language and intergroup communication. In particular, my research examines the effects of linguistic style (e.g., accent, dialect) on communication and the cognitive and affective processes underlying those effects. My recent publications have appeared in a number of journals (e.g., Journal of Language and Social Psychology, Human Communication Research) and in several edited books (see below). I regularly present at conferences and have received two Top Paper Awards, including The Top Paper Award from the ICIG at ICA London. Most  recently, I have been nominated for UCSB’s James J. Bradac Award. I have been an active member of the ICIG since 2011. I am also an active member of IALSP. As an ICIG Early Career Representative, I would work towards two primary goals. First, I  would like to increase the visibility and connectivity of current ICIG early career members (especially graduate students), both amongst each other and with senior scholars. Second, I would like to increase our membership base by reaching out to new potential early career members, towards our long-standing goal of achieving divisional status for ICIG.